How does your brain actually work?

In principle, billions of brain cells (so-called neurons) mutually communicate in your brain by means of electrical signals. Consequently The transmission of information in your brain takes place by means of electrical stimuli. When your brain needs to process information, and it does it the whole day, potential fluctuations in these electrical voltages occur. These constantly changing fluctuations show a wavelike image over time – which is why they are also called brainwaves. They can be measured using an EEG (electroencephalography). Science has identified different frequency bands that can be attributed to your emotional state.

For example, when you just concentrate, the beta waves (between approx. 14 to 30 Hz) dominate in your brain. On the contrary, if you are about to relax, your brain shows alpha waves (between approx. 8 to 13 Hz), and in the sleep state these are the delta waves (below 4 Hz).

The exciting thing thereby is that you can influence and train your brain through our scientifically tested audio treatments. Our audio treatments are a combination of binaural beats (explained in more detail in the next section) and the music sources such as piano, guitar, chillout or sounds of nature. This allows you to focus on what you want to do right now.

Impact your brainwaves with our audio treatments

In principle, through external stimuli (visual or acoustical) your brain waves can be influenced and can display different patterns. However, your ears can only perceive frequencies above 16 Hz, so stimulation is usually possible only to a limited extent. With the help of our audio treatments, we also make possible to influence your deep brainwaves (under 16 Hz), so you can focus, relax or fall asleep.

This can be achieved by stimulating your brain with binaural beats. A binaural beat (binaural: lat. with both ears) is an acoustic illusion that is produced when the left and right ear are exposed to different frequencies. Your brain perceives the difference of the frequency range as sound. The sounds generated this way can stimulate and synchronize certain frequency fields in your brain and thus influence your state of consciousness. This special method also synchronizes and reconciles your two brain hemispheres. Normally your brain currents are subject to different voltage fluctuations, because your two brain hemispheres have different tasks to cope with. Thus, a normal working brain shows different activity patterns in both hemispheres. All you need to take advantage of our audio treatments are stereo headphones and a focus.FM subscription.

We provide you therefore with high quality, effective and tested audio treatments, so you can focus on exactly what you want to do right now. All our audio-treatments were created using our own EEGs and extensively tested.

In the following video we show you how we test our audio treatments. Please click the play button to start the video.

How easy it work’s

Step 1

Put on your headphones and choose the area you want to focus on. Choose between concentration, relaxation and sleep.

Step 2

Combine the binaurale beats with your favorite musical genre. You can choose between Chill-Out, Piano, Ocean and others.

Step 3

Within only 10 minutes of our special audio treatments, your brain function will be stimulated and you will be more focused.

Our scientific studies

Increase your concentration

Your brain shows a high-frequency pattern at elevated concentration, which we at focus.FM reproduce and make available for you as an audio treatment. Scientists from focus.FM have developed special audio treatments that may positively affect your performance through brainwave synchronization. Studies have shown that a positive effect can occur directly, such as Budzynski etc. (1999), which demonstrated an increase in the performance of the subjects by 16 percent. We at focus.FM have also performed a separate study in the same field of research that further confirms the results and can be downloaded if you’re interested.

Resolve your sleep disorders

Your brain works in a low frequency range during sleep stages. We can simulate this with our audio treatments so you can actively influence your states of fatigue and relaxation. Our treatments can be synchronized with the frequency range of your brain and counteract insomnia in the long term. Based on our EEG research studies, has focus.FM verified the operability of our approach and thereby verifies the research results of previous studies in this area.

Download our scientific study for concentration

Download our scientific study for sleep (coming soon)

Who shouldn’t use focus.FM audio treatments?

Basically, any physically and mentally healthy person can take advantage of our audio treatments.

However, three groups should refrain from using our treatment:

  1. If you suffer from epilepsy or have had an epileptic seizure in the past

  2. Those who have had a stroke

  3. Pregnant women

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