Frequently asked questions

Why should I use focus.FM?

You should use focus.FM for three good reasons: enhanced focus and productivity, falling asleep faster, and being able to relax from everyday stress a lot easier and faster as well. With our scientifically modified music you can get those benefits simply by listening for 10 minutes.

What are the requirements for usage?

The only thing required to use focus.FM is a pair of headphones for your mobile device or your PC. You can start here for free.

Why does the effect only work with headphones?

Binaural beats are sounds created by the brain itself when we listen to two different frequencies on each ear. The right and the left ear both hear different frequencies underlying the music; this difference in frequencies can only be provided by in-/over-ear headphones.

Will I really experience an effect and success after 10 minutes?

Yes, the effect sets in after you have listened for at least 10 minutes. If the effect sets in, it will persist for some time during the day. With your acquired tunnel-vision focus, it is up to you to conquer the world.

Can I download the audio-treatments?

No, unfortunately we can’t provide the download for legal licensing reasons.

On which OS does focus.FM work?

Since our treatments play on your Internet browser they work on every OS. However, you could encounter minor bugs because of adblocker use. If that happens, just deactivate your adblocker for our page – don’t worry, our website is and will stay ad-free!

How does the efficacy of focus.FM work?

Our music is a combination of normal musical and sound elements with underlying so-called binaural beats. Binaural beats are sounds created by the brain itself when we listen to two different frequencies at a time (different frequencies on the right and on the left ear). The binaural beats can target different brain areas by variation of the frequency difference. That enables the use for different applications, like enhancing your focus and concentration.

Who can use focus.FM and who do we advise against using focus.FM?

Generally everyone can benefit from our music. Disclaimer: But we advise, that three groups of people do not use our music:
1. We advise pregnant women not to use brainwave synchronisation. Even if science has not found any potential dangers for pregnant women, we suggest to avoid any risks for the pregnancy.
2. If you suffered from or currently suffer from epilepsy, we advise against using our music.
3. If you had a stroke or are currently prone to getting one, we also advise against using our music.

Is 10 minutes really enough for an effect?

Yes, 10 minutes is sufficient, because the frequency bands of the brain are synchronized by our modified music.

Do I have to pay for every session?

No, you just pay the monthly or annual fee for listening as long and as often as you’d like to. With our 14-day trial you can start for free, of course.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription in you profile very easily under the menu item subscriptions. After a cancellation you are allowed to listen to our audio treatments until the next payment date.

Did the FAQs not answer your questions?

Please send us your remaining questions via email, and we will answer you asap. Thank you!