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Relaxation – your benefits

Less stress

More joy in life

Relaxation is crucial for staying productive in our everyday life. An increasing number of people are suffering from stress and burnout, and mental health is suffering. With the help of our scientific audio treatments, you can effectively reduce stress and tension from everyday life. Easily integrate the binaural beats into your day-to-day routine for better relaxation. Use them during your meditation or yoga routine in your morning or your evening routine, or whenever you’re on the road – for better mental health.

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Better relaxation in just three easy steps

Choose between different audio treatments

Each audio treatment for better relaxation was carefully created and tested, so their optimal effect is secured.

  • You may choose between nine different music genres for better relaxation

  • Each audio treatment is a combination of binaural beats to improve your relaxation and music or nature sounds. More information here!

  • All audio treatments were tested with the help of our own Electroencephalograph (EEG) and so the neurological efficiency is verified.


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