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in the office

In open-plan offices an unpleasant volume can often be hindering when trying to focus during work. You end up getting less done than you wanted to. Our scientifically-proven audio treatments are the perfect solution for you. Just listen to the binaural music while working and achieve laser focus. Better focus for better results.

while studying

Better learning is a crucial factor for good grades. As a student, you know the problem of struggling when trying to focus while studying or are easily distracted. With the help of our scientific audio treatments, you can solve these problems. With binaural beats, you can increase your focus and start studying effectively for better grades.

during sports

Shortly before a competition, it is important to gather your thoughts for your best performance. Just listen to our audio treatments for at least 10 minutes while you warm-up. After that you can perform with laser focus on the field, and do your very best.

while gaming

Whether your favorite game is League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike: GO, Dota 2, or any other, there are two shared success factors in any of those games: your precision and your response time. Our scientific audio treatments help you to focus better and enable you to perform at the top level. Be sure to use that advantage over your opponents, without cheating, bots, or Elo boosts. Better focus for the win – with binaural music.

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Our subscribers about us

“I used focus for my studying sessions for my last test. My sessions were much more productiv and almost no social media distractions.”

Tobias S.

“Awesome! I am writing my masters thesis right now and it helps a lot! Best combo: Coffee, morning hours and the coffee shop focus tunes”

Carina P.

“It really works! I can concentrate much better working in office with it. Very cool!”

Beate R.

“I sit in an open plan office in my new job. Two rows in front of me sits a colleague who types so extremely loud that it can be distracting and really annoying. I can completely fade her out with the focus music and focus great on my stuff… just wonderful!”

Alexandra B. 

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