Your three application areas


Give yourself tunnel vision – Focus on your tasks and don’t let yourself get distracted. Get away from all the disruptive factors in life in order to work more efficiently.


Simply switch off – Escape from the daily stress so that you can grant your mind and body enough time to regenerate. You deserve it!


Go to sleep – Grant your body sleep and take more time to dream. Start the next day rested and full of energy.

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Choose between different audio treatments

Each audio treatment was carefully created and tested. So their optimal effect is secured.

  • You may choose between nine different music genres

  • Each audio treatment is a combination of binaural beats and music or nature sounds. More information here.

  • All audio treatments were tested with the help of our own Electroencephalograph (EEG) and so the neurological efficiency is verified. You can find a sample video here.

Better focus in only three simple steps

Our subscribers about us

“I used focus for my studying sessions for my last test. My sessions were much more productiv and almost no social media distractions.”

Tobias S.

“Awesome! I am writing my masters thesis right now and it helps a lot! Best combo: Coffee, morning hours and the coffee shop focus tunes”

Carina P.

“It really works! I can concentrate much better working in office with it. Very cool!”

Beate R.

“I have a really hard time falling asleep since almost two months now, due to a really stressful phase… My mind goes nuts when i want to sleep and with focus i can fall asleep now a lot faster! Much appreciated guys”

Kerstin C.

“I sit in an open plan office in my new job. Two rows in front of me sits a colleague who types so extremely loud that it can be distracting and really annoying. I can completely fade her out with the focus music and focus great on my stuff… just wonderful!”

Alexandra B. 

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